Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's the end of an era!

Blimey it's been a long time! My sincerest apologies to my followers. Life has been crazy! Joe just keeps us all so busy! He's a full time job.

But that's not why I am posting tonight! Tonight is the premiere of the very last Twilight movie- Breaking Dawn Part 2. I can't believe this day has come! It seems so long ago that I fell in love with this series. I laughed, I cried. Emotions just run so deep. I have missed seeing Alice on screen. I know I've said it before, but she is bloody brilliant! I am going with Jolene, Tasha, and Steph. Sadly, Caitlin can't come tonight. But that doesn't mean we can't go see it again with her!!

Pip pip!


Monday, September 10, 2012

RIP The Dog

I would like to dedicate this post to The Dog (AKA Bailey, I guess was his real name)
This is a picture of him at the most recent Christmas we had. Him and Ringo were in search for presents with our names on them.

He didn't appreciate back rides, but he was always kind enough to allow it.

We had an amazing 15 some years with The Dog, and even though we didn't always get along, I will miss him so. Ringo and I thought they should stuff him and place him under the Christmas tree this year (one of his favorite spots during winter) but the sisters were quite appalled by that thought. Hey, I thought it was sentimental.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Very Busy Year!

I know, I know, I am way behind on creating a post but just wait until you hear why! First of all, there is only one more month until Jodi gets married, that's right ONE MONTH! Well, I guess techinically it's one month and two days, I believe, but who's counting...They found a place to live and Jodi hopes to move herself in there soon. Speaking of, I of course have not been invited over to see yet, I am not all too impressed by that. I also hear that Steph and her husband found a new house they will be moving into shortly after the wedding. I am not too sure what I think of all this moving. It is quite an adjustment for a panther like me. Set in my ways, and all. 
Now for some even crazier news. We have a new addition to the family!! This time, it's not another animal. THAT'S RIGHT! Steph and Nick adopted a little boy, almost 3 years old. And while I am still hesitant on getting to close to him, Jodi tells me he's bloody awesome. Ringo and I recently spent the night there with Jodi so I decided it was a good time to document these events.

Since Joe came around, we seem to go to bed quite earlier. We wanted to tell ghost stories but Jodi wasn't having any of that.

 Time to go on a walk! We found the perfect palce to hide.

We decided it was a bit stuffy in the bag, so we each found our own spot to travel in.

 We walked all the way from Tasha's new place to the ice cream shop! I was so tuckered from the walk that Jodi gave me her seat and a few bites of her ice cream.

 After we got back, Jodi decided it was time to see how Joe handles the animals. He did pretty good with me!

 Ringo was not so lucky. Thank goodness he didn't eat any ice cream before this.

 We discovered this brill seat that Ringo thoroughly enjoyed!

Bloody brilliant! They practically were made for me! I didn't know they could make shoes so small!

 Then Ringo and I went horseback riding in Joe's room.

 And ate some pizza.

 Then we did some very hard work!

I played on the bridge while Ringo...well he had too much fun playing choo-choo, he can be so dim. 

So we discovered that having a little tot around can be quite eventful! It is as if everything is made our size. So I am learning to adjust to the changes, I'd say it's worth it! Well I hope you all are staying cool out in this heat. I sure am enjoying it! I like to spend some afternoons by the little in ground bird bath in the back yard. I wonder if Jodi's new house is going to have one....
Have a fantastic week!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Feeling a Little Crispy

I want to start off by letting everyone know I found my scarf...I prefer to not go into details, all that matters is I have my scarf back, even though the weather hasn't been quite bad enough to wear it. I hear it is supposed to snow today and tomorrow, which I find ghastly, but I suppose we have had a mild winter. I would say we have been spoiled by this brilliant weather but personally I think we deserve it after all these years of bloody terrifying winters! Do you know how hard it is to find small critters to hunt in the winter??
But enough about the weather, I want to tell you about a recent night at Steph's with Jodi. We didn't do a whole lot, since the girls spent most of their time watching this...Vampire Diaries. I am not sure I get the fascination with it, I mean, there's no Alice in this vampire show! What kind of vampire show doesn't have my beautiful Alice? Then on the second night Tasha joined us and they hooked her into it, too!! Before they glued themselves to the telly, we made a delightful treat! I was quite tickled at how it turned out. They were peanut butter rice crispy treats! Doesn't that just sound scrumptious?

We gathered up all the ingredients, Ringo was distracted by all the goodies

And again...

I managed to get one good shot
I helped Steph pat down the first layer of rice crispy treat. Meanwhile, Jodi is making a peanut butter fudge. YES! A fudge! Once we put the fudge over the first layer, we added the little mini peanut butter cups. I forgot to capture this part in a photo because I was too busy trying to eat the cups...

Then while Steph made the second layer of rice crispy treats, I helped Jodi melt chocolate chips and peanut butter for the topping. It took all my willpower to not jump in this pot. I figured Steph wouldn't like me getting this all over her new kitchen...You. Are. Welcome.

Voila! The final product! Sadly we had to wait to try it until it set in the freezer for a while...

*La sigh* once again, Ringo can't control himself...

Soon I will be travelling to Florida with Steph! I have been spending some time at her place, although she has been too busy watch this Vampire Diaries to spend time with me...Ringo was lucky enough to join Jodi in a dog sitting adventure! We kept in contact through text, but he failed to send me any pictures of this pup. I hear I missed out on a jolly good dog time! Well, they are going to miss out on a jolly good Florida time! Check back for some more posts!



Friday, January 20, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wedding Bells are Ringing!!

That's right folks.....Jodi is getting married! Blimey, that makes me feel all sappy inside. I can’t believe the youngest Barkman girl is going to tie the knot. It know it won’t change anything, but I’m sure going to be the odd ball out, since I am will always be a terminal bachelor, famous ladies panther. The big day is August 11th. I know it will come much too quickly!

Here is a lovely picture of all 3 of us together. Steph maybe isn’t holding me the best, but I’m just so blessed to be part of this trio, so I don’t even care! I will always treasure these times together, even as we grow older.

Also, this is my favorite picture of Jodi and I! I wanted to share it. Just a special moment....

Jodi-to one of the best gals I know.....wishing you a life of happiness with Kevin! He better treat you well, or I will maim him.



Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a brill Christmas and New Year, I know I did! To top it off, it's nearly 60 degrees in January, how much better can that get? But since I have so many pictures to show you I will just get right into it.

Once Steph and Nick arrived, Ringo and I went right to the gifts. We were looking for something with our names on it.

Ringo checked every corner.

We even enlisted The Dog to help us.

Even with all three of us, there was no success.

With a little team work, Ringo and I almost got a peek at this one.


We decided to retire from gift hunting and check out what was cooking in the kitchen.

Making scrambled eggs, we waited patiently...well, we waited...

I wasn't sure what he was looking at, but I decided to join. It smelled luvvly-jubbly!

We wanted to munch on something while we waited. Party mix sounded like a brill idea. Ringo was pushing with all his little might. Poor bloke just couldn't get it.

We kept trying.

Nothing would work!

I contemplated eating some fruit that they left unsupervised. In the end, I figured it was best to save room for the meat.

We were so knackered after all the hard work, so we took a kip in front of the telly.

I found Jodi's pain hilarious, Ringo felt sorry for her. How daft do you have to be to grab a hot pan??

We approached the strangers with hesitation. It appeared that one was holding a weapon of some kind.

We quickly becames friends when I learned they were from the same area as me! Ringo really took a liking to the owl.

I was a little disappointed when I realized I once again was not receiving any gifts. Jodi and Steph told me they have something for me, but they forgot to give it to me because they were too busy watching a whole marathon of Harry Potter. I must say, my new friends have a striking resemblance of certain Harry Potter characters...hmm...interesting. Anyway, they better give me my gifts soon, I am becoming impatient.

Enjoy this beautiful weather, everyone!